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Hey, y'all! I'm Allie, your sexy southern princess! Most folks say I'm spoiled rotten, but I say I'm spoiled to perfection. I'm a 19 year-old college student and I am totally loving the freedom of being away from home!! I can get into so much trouble without ever worrying my Daddy's gonna get his hands on me and toss me over his knee!

Of course, it's probably his fault that I'm such a brat anyway. I've always been a total Daddy's girl! I learned early on how to coax a man into doing absolutely anything for me.

Oh, did I mention that I make an amazing slut (if I like your cock, a girl's gotta have standards)? I'll take a really big one any way I can get it! Shove it up my tight twat or pump it in my pink rosebud asshole! I get really horny when I'm sucking a nice cock and you might hear me finger myself while I'm sucking and slurping, working to drain those heavy balls!

I know I look like an innocent debutante, the kind of sweet southern girl you can take home to Mama. I'm not. I can be a dominating bitch who uses you, drains you, and controls every breath you take. Maybe I'll turn you into a sissy slut or make you my adoring slave who begs to worship and serve me in depraved ways. I can be absolutely mesmerizing. Good luck trying to tell me no.

I have NO LIMITS! Ask for Super Sexy Bratty Allie right now!!

**stomps my perfect little foot**


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