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Hi there! I'm Ariel and I'm a college freshman. Being surrounded by so many crazy, hot girls has opened my eyes up to all kinds of kinky possibilities. Sometimes, at night, I can hear my roommate getting her little pussy pounded just a few feet away. I love the way those cocks make her scream! I want you to bend me over and fuck me like that!

Sometimes I babysit to earn a little extra partying money. I don't think the last family I worked for will be asking me back, though. The parents came home a little early and walked in on me watching the dad's porno. Did I mention that I was, um, touching myself? The mom was totally pissed, but Daddy winked at me when she wasn't looking. She hollered at me and stormed upstairs. I was soooo tempted to tell Daddy that I was fantasizing about him the whole time I was fingering myself. I wonder if he ever masturbates while thinking about my pretty bald slit and sweet, puffy nipples. I swear I think he left that movie sitting out just for me!

I think I'm getting addicted to phone sex... I just can't get enough! I NEED to cum more and I'll do ANY phonesex fantasy you come up with! Or, if you want, I can grab a huge dildo and just drill my pussy for you. Have you ever dreamt of having a hot chick fuck your ass? I'll bend you over and make you cum just as hard as I do! Let me be your sweet lil slut who gets to sit on your lap when I'm good or gets tossed over your knee when I'm naughty. Maybe I'm the sexy babysitter who loves to teach dirty little boys some very naughty secrets! You could be my teacher and I have to do some extra credit to earn my "A"! Or maybe you have been watching me for quite a while, dreaming of all the things you want to do to my sweet young body.

Are you going to convince me...or co-erce me...into doing all sorts of nasty things for you?

My puffy pink lips get all slick and wet and swollen as soon as the phone rings, so call me and I'll do anything you want, 'k? **kisses** Talk to you soon!


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