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My earliest memories are of me being just a tiny bit different from the other girls. They spent all their time dressing up babydolls, baking cookies and staying as far away as could from the little boys of our hometown. My mom and my grandmas were raised exactly the same way, and sex for them was practically nonexistent and definitely not pleasurable.

But I just ate up all the attention the boys in school gave me. As I got older, I loved older guys more and more. Nothing feels better than doing the things that men want me to do to please them.

When I first left home, I moved in with an older man. I learned so much from him. I no longer just felt pretty...I actually felt sexy! My drawers were filled with lacy lingerie and I had a make-up table stocked with perfume, lipstick, nail polish and all the other things a girl needs! He gave me so much, and he also taught me how to give. I learned what he called "the fine art of submission." It wasn't always just "yes, Sir" and "no, Sir". He taught me how to anticipate his needs and how to fulfill them flawlessly.

We used to take long weekend drives out to the country and we would find the perfect secluded spot to play out one of his fantasies. Maybe I was a girl, lost and helpless in the woods, who stumbled into a mysterious stranger. Or I was fresh from church, dressed primp and proper and looking sweet as can be. I would never stay primp and proper, though, not once we started playing the nasty adult games, the kind you swear to never tell anybody about!

We might rent a motel on the edge of town. I would dress up as some slutty girl gone wild and get a little too tipsy. I'd tease and flirt and rub against him, but never agree to give in. But we all know dirty girls don't really get away with teasing horny men! They don't just get the raging hot cocks they're really after, they get used up, dropped and left to fend for themselves!

I had all kinds of sweet and sexy costumes so I got to play lots of different roles. I might be a college student, a wanna-be actress at a casting call or the hopelessly incompetent secretary desperate to keep her job. Sometimes I was his hot but utterly naive young step-mother or another sweet but sexy relative of his. He loved to have me dress up as a french maid who accidentally breaks a very expensive vase. He'd yank that feather duster away from me and tickle me mercilessly for hours at a time. I'm wildly ticklish and he'd just keep going and going, until I was laughing so hard it hurt and tears were streaming down my cheeks! All the time he'd be teasing me and stroking himself, cumming all over my face or my pretty feet.

I know I'm a lot younger than the ladies you usually find around places like this, but I have learned a lot about how to please men! I'm perfect at all kinds of role-plays and I would love to play with you!
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