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Do you know what it means to be spellbound? Have you ever had a woman captivate you with her voice, letting it wrap around you like silk, binding you to her as tightly as any ropes? Do you know what it's like to be addicted to a woman's touch and the way she leaves you helpless, breathless, yearning?

You will.

You will learn to leave your pride and your willpower behind and you will come to me on your knees. You are my plaything and your sole purpose is my amusement. I might enjoy you stretched out in front of me, back arched, body glistening with sweat and your teeth sinking into your bottom in a vain attempt to stifle your moans. Pain and pleasure mingle nicely, don't they, darling?

I will dictate your attire, or lack thereof.

Maybe I'll have you naked or maybe I'll have a pink and white polka dotted bow wrapped around your little dicklet. I bet you'd look nice with your cheeks stained red with humiliation and I occasionally like some crimson lipstick to match. You may be allowed to jerk off with one of my spike-heeled leather shoes or a silken pair of stockings, and, if you beg nicely, I may let you feel the heat of my flesh pressed against yours.

I love to craft intricate scenarios and vivid scenarios for my favorite little sluts.
What are you dreaming of today, pet? Mistress Layla will make it come true.


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