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There are certain pleasures only a mature woman can deliver. Let my smoky, sultry voice curl around you and feel a wave of erotic heat wash over your body. My lips and fingers and tight- gripping pussy and, yes, my lively imagination have years of experience at arousing men. I know how to coax the maximum degree of pleasure from every nerve ending in your body.

I will be your temptress, encouraging you to explore all kinds of sensual delights. We'll play with your body, my nails skimming your flesh or maybe digging into your balls. Shall I bring you to that moment when pain and pleasure meld together in one body-shaking orgasm? Your body is my
playground and I have lots of toys to use on it.

Perhaps I am your mommy, your aunt, your best friend's mother, the boss's wife or the alluring neighborhood MILF who likes clothes that cling to every lush curve of my body. Let me teach you how to masturbate, placing my hand over yours and setting the rhythm of the stroke session. I might draw you into my room and teach you how to please a woman, how to make me gasp and moan and buck up against your face, my honeyed juices shooting over your lips.

Maybe I am your wife, who still has a few secrets that you don't know yet. Do they involve a mysterious, well-hung stranger? Or a whole pack of them, who slip into our house when you aren't around and fill me with load after load of their hot, slippery cum?

Or is my lover a girl, some pretty, rosy-cheeked young thing that I dominate and share? I've always fancied being a madam with an entire stable of sweet sluts that I pimp out to business men who are willing to pay a stiff fee for the freedom to use her in any perverted way they want.

When you are ready for our erotic adventure, remember to request Tabitha.


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