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Call Tori @ 1-877-354-7869
I know your secret.
I know what you crave.
I know what you are.

And better yet, I know how to make all your dreams come true. Maybe you'll be sweet and pink and
dripping lace from head to toe. Or maybe you'll be naughty, slutty and shaking your satin ass at
every cock you see. But, once I get done with you, you will never be the same.

You'll get addicted to the feeling of lingerie grazing your freshly-shaved skin. You can't resist the
intoxicating effect my words and my soft voice have on your mind and body. You will be transformed
into a panty boy, a sissy or, perhaps, even a cock-craving slut.

I'm the Princess of feminization and you, my dear, are going to be my lady-in-waiting. I will teach you
to curtsey and to cater to my every whim. You will be taught new ways to pleasure me and my friends.
You're going to look amazing on your knees.

Take a good look at my hot, young body before you call me. See how sweet and lickable it is? How
deliciously curvy and fuckable? You're going to be the same way.

I'm Tori. Now go slip into some panties and get ready for me!


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